Lateen Style is a Colombian brand that inspires it's designs from the country's cultural and racial diversity. We aim to reveal the very best in jeans, swimwear, and sportswear on a global scale.


Siblings Daniela and Andres Restrepo, initially developed the brand knowing that Colombian handcrafted clothing is and always will be iconic and has been highly regarded by the public and fashion designers around the world. This venture has helped bring light to the richness of Colombian culture by illuminating it unto our jeans, swimwear, sportswear, and Wayuu bags.


Lateen Style clothing line adapts ideally to the latest fashion trends. The styles are fresh, light, and functional. All Lateen Style pieces are created with the highest standards in quality and custom designed to meet consumers' standards.


The collections are enhanced with various additions that include stretchy effects, butt lift, cross tissue tracing, and rhinestones. Our jeans are made with waxed and washout finish, breaks and other attributes, which makes them must-have items to match any accessory.


The swimsuits we carry are created by our specialty workers whom have added the it's own Colombian uniqueness such as custom jewels, and embroidery. Their delicacy and craftiness evoke distinctive creations in every swimsuit model. All pieces reflect comfort and charm even from the first stages of inception. Lateen Style swimwear enhances women silhouette to resemble the beauty of its ethnic background.

Whether you're exercising or simply on the go, Lateen Style apparel provides an array of choices with diversity in colors and carefully chosen fabrics and materials. Our pieces act as an accomplice of the women's figure and represent the boldness and sensuality of today's woman, placing our brand as an ideal complement for any occasion.